Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A very icky name

Dentsu India has launched Iki, a creative boutique. Apparently Iki means chic in Japanese. Funnily, Iki sounds very icky to the English ear. Is anyone at Dentsu listening?


√úbermaniam said...

Good call, Anantha. Bad call, Dentsu. Onviously, they haven't been reading our blogs.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a good call? Why shoul ddentsu read this blog. It has cool meaning in Japanese and it is for the Indian market. Why is native Enlgish "approval" needed when it isn't even an English name? I see a zillion English brand names in foreign markets that suck -- when did the US agencies screen those ones before launching them?
- Nigel Penster (Yokohama)
PS. BTW, Dentsu probably didn't even create the name. They don't have that kind of creative firepower. Probably farmed it out to a vendor like they do for all their creative work.