Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hypothetical Naming Exercise # 1

If you ask me, the name 'Sulabh Shauchalay' stinks. I think it's too long, too heavy and too sanskritised for a concept like 'public toilets'. Perhaps Mr. Bindeshwari Pathak didn't spend too much time on choosing the right brand name. If he were serious about taking this concept right across India, methinks he needs to re-brand it. I've applied some thought on this subject. Here are my Top 3 royalty-free options:

1. Juntaloo
Derived from Junta (Hindi for public) and Loo (slang for toilet). It's catchy, friendly and distinct. Will work brilliantly in metros. In villages, it might take a little time to get used to. The good part is the dot com domain name is available.

2. Ekyado
Derived from Ek (Hindi for one) + Ya (Hindi for or) + Do (Hindi for two). Even a child will understand what the name connotes. It has a snappy feel and should work almost everywhere in India. What's more, the dot com domain name is available.

3. Sulatrine
Derived from Su (short form for sulabh) and Latrine (public toilet). It may not be as catchy as the other two. But it's self explanatory. More importantly, it's crisper than Sulabh Shauchalay. And of course, the dot com domain name is available.

What do you say Mr. Pathak?


anantha said...

no. very much with 1ps.

Magnolia said...
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Magnolia said...

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