Friday, December 29, 2006

How to churn shitty names

Tired of the bull shit, naming companies give you? Time you churned some outlandish shit. Dislexicon lets you do precisely that. Type in any word you want, dislexicon creates neologisms related to that word. Here's what came out when I keyed in shit:

New Word, Components, Definition
1: dushitable, du-shit-able, capable or worthy of double, two shit
2: shitcide, shit-cide, to cut down or kill shit
3: shitish, shit-ish, of, relating to, or being shit
4: hydroshitator, hydro-shit-ator, one that acts in the manner of water or liquid shit
5: parashit, para-shit, near or similar to shit
6: ooshitial, oo-shit-ial, of, relating to, or characterized by egg shit
7: shitite, shit-ite, native, resident or part of shit
8: unishit, uni-shit, one or a single shit
9: hiershit, hier-shit, sacred shit
10: archshitation, arch-shit-ation, process, state or action of highest or most important shit
11: pedshitosis, ped-shit-osis, abnormal condition or process of foot shit
12: ornithoshition, ornitho-shit-ion, action or process of bird shit
13: shitphyte, shit-phyte, plant shit
14: carnshitist, carn-shit-ist, one that performs, produces or believes in meat shit
15: shitgraph, shit-graph, written or used for writing shit
16: multishitmorphic, multi-shit-morphic, having the form of many shit
17: bacterioshit, bacterio-shit, bacteria shit
18: extrashitship, extra-shit-ship, quality, status or skill of beyond shit
19: capitshit, capit-shit, leader or first shit
20: shitably, shit-ably, performing in a manor worth of shit
21: annishit, anni-shit, yearly shit
22: shitoid, shit-oid, having the appearance of shit
23: nonshit, non-shit, not shit
24: shiting, shit-ing, action, process or art of shit
25: carnisshitory, carnis-shit-ory, relating to or characterized by meat shit

Got that link from DigitalExpressions.

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