Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tamil movie titles & cell phone sub brands

The pattern recogniser chip in my brain has identified a new trend. I've observed a significant correlation between Tamil movies with English titles and some sub brand names launched by cell phone majors in recent times. Before I present you my findings, let me run you through some odd but interesting tamil film titles that caught my fancy:

1. E
2. Success
3. Choclet
4. Whistle
5. Red
6. Senior Junior
7. Petrol
8. Autograph
9. Ice
10. Duet
11. By 2
12. Little John
13. Well Done
14. Military
16. Popcorn
17. Style
18. Junction
19. Gemini
20. Villain
21. University
22. Run
23. Youth
24. Plus 2
25. Samurai
26. Game
27. 123
28. Charlie Chaplin
29. King
30. Album
31. Friends
32. Doubles
33. Goodluck
34. Jolly
35. Boys
36. VIP
37. Pista
38. Mr. Romeo
39. Lovebirds
40. Gentleman

All these above titles use words that are part of anybody's vocabulary. But what's the connect with cell phone sub brands? Well, LG launched a phone called Chocolate. Motorola has now launched Red. So don't be surprised if someone launches E (Ericsson) or for that matter Ice, Popcorn or Whistle!


Critic said...

don't know about brand names, but I feel in India, movie titles are made before the story.
They pick a dictionary, pick a fancy name and then build a story around it- relevant or irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

not just in phones, but in other products the usage of day to day words as brand names is apparent.

wii by nintendo
pebble by motorola
ice cube by chopard

the usage of food names is also high..
most obvious ones are
apple - ; )
orange - mobile service provider
mustard - clothing
lemon - design studio
peach tree - accounting software
blackberry - phone & clothing
banana custard - kids furniture
juice - salon
squeezed - salon

ps.. more later

anantha said...

good point. a post on this topic coming soon...