Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why Google didn't opt for the name Search Engine

"While there are all sorts of naming strategies… metaphors, acronyms, coined/ invented, key attributes, positive connotations, etc., the one common denominator that separates the mediocre from the memorable, is the degree to which the name engages the mind of the consumer. Most new business owners opt for company names that inform and describe, leaving nothing to the imagination. They often fail to realize that the context surrounding the name (the ad, the store sign, the proposal, the brochure copy, etc.) will define what they do, so the name can be free to describe how they do it. In other words, no customer will hear or see the name in a mental vacuum. Yet this is the way we often judge names when brainstorming." Well said, Phil. For more on Why Weird Words Make Great Brand Names go here.

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