Thursday, December 28, 2006

Palindromic brand names

I've always had a soft corner for names that read the same both ways. Unfortunately not much work has been done in this field. Here's my collection of famous brand names that are palindromic in nature:

1. Axa (the insurance giant).
2. Aviva (another insurance brand...coincidence?)
3. TNT (as in Turner Network Television)
4. CMC (Computer Maintenance Corporation)
5. Civic (as in Honda Civic)
6. Sixaxis (PS3's wireless controller)
7. Elle (The magazine)
8. Otto (apparel brand)
9. Abba (a band that became a brand)
10. IGGI (Resorts)
11. LML (Scooter company)
12. M&M (Chocolates)
13. Nissin (Japanese food brand)
14. Ala (a bleaching brand from Unilever)
15. Omo (a detergent brand from Unilever)
16. PSP (PlayStation Portable from Sony)
17. RJR (The prefix before Nabisco)
18. Tippit (the VoIP company)
19. Liril (yet another Lever brand)
20. Xanax (Drug brand)

Feel free to add to this list.


Magnolia said...

ICICI- bank and financial service
Pep- Scooty pep, 2 wheeler
Natan - Jewellery
DD- Doordarshan
Shah's- Retail outlet, chennai

anantha said...

thanks. shah's would be proud to be in this list.

Magnolia said...

ICI paints...

xanax brand said...

whenever taking xanax i have no panic attacks and feel like a nornal person can function like a normal person can actually stand my own skin

Marie said...

Yreka Bakery in Yreka CA

Michael C said...

Uhu (glue)
Omo (laundry powder)