Sunday, December 10, 2006

Laura Ries vs. Kum & Go

Laura Ries may have a great pedigree but humour is one quality she lacks. She spent a whole post to rubbish the name 'Kum & Go', a refuelling joint in the US. My point is if everyone spends their bucks on corporate sounding names, this world will be a dull place. Anyways, leave aside my opinions. If you read the comments section of her post, you'll notice a nice rejoinder from Kum & Go. They've put forth their side of the story in an earnest manner. What I liked about it is they've politely pointed out to Laura, 'Too bad you hate our name. We are proud of it. And thankfully, we've been very successful.' Talking of refuelling joints, the convenience stores at Bharat Petroleum's bunks have a catchy name - In & Out.

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