Sunday, February 25, 2007

Brandy Candy # 1

Logos get all the applause. Good brand names don't even get a word of appreciation. Brandy Candy is a series that aims to put the spotlight on some great brand names coined by our fraternity. If any of you has a nice nominee send the name to brandnama at gmail dot com. Meanwhile, here's the first of my picks.

CRUEL WORLD for a career placement service. Naming by A Hundred Monkeys.

Why I like it: An unusual name for a placement firm. It sticks in your head the moment you hear it. It's bloody evocative. And it offers immense scope for logo design and advertising.

Why I chose it: In the left corner you have names that promise the moon like Careerbuilder, Monster, Hotjobs & Sixfiguresalaries. And in the right corner, there's this quiet guy who offers you the reality check on workplaces. Whom would you listen to? It's this 'tell-it-like-it-is' spirit, that makes Cruel World work for me.


√úbermaniam said...


Tate said...

Hey there. Just thought I'd let you know that "A Hundred Monkeys" is actually a naming company, not a career placement service.

I suppose there could be more than one company out there with the name... The folks over at Igor International would approve of your opinion, though. They reviewed the names of the various namers a year or two ago and gave it near top marks.

anantha said...

Tate, I keep track of A Hundred Monkeys. I am aware that they are a naming company. If you read my post carefully, I've nominated Cruel World for Brandy Candy and not A Hundred Monkeys. Cruel World is a placement service. The name was coined by A Hundred Monkeys.