Friday, February 09, 2007

Clever stock ticker symbols

Stock ticker symbols are usually a no brainer. Truncate the name into three or four letters. Job done. Not all companies take this template route. Some apply a lot of thought into their ticker names. Here's my pick of imaginative tickers from the NYSE alphabet soup:

VCA Antech Incorporated - WOOF (a company into vets and pets)-
U S Global Investments Incorporated - GROW (a company into growth funds)-
The Asia Tigers Fund, Inc. - GRR (ain't the choice, smart?)
Tarrant Apparel Group - TAGS (nice abbrievation)
Star Maritime Acquisition Company - SEA (look how they've hijacked the category)
Southwest Airlines Co. - LUV (a tribute to Lovefield in Dallas - the airport from where Southwest started operations)
Sotheby's - BID (one more attempt at appropriating a category)
Origin Agritech Limited - SEED (makes you wonder why the other agro guys didn't think of this)
Magma Design Automation - LAVA (what's the first short word that strikes you when you think of magma?)
Echostar Communications New - DISH (now i see a formula emerging for half-decent ticker names)
Avis Budget Group, Inc. - CAR (look what Hertz missed out?)
Aries Maritime Trnsprt Limited - RAMS (a better choice than ARYS)
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. - BUD (their best known brand put to great use)

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Garry said...

You forget HOG, which is Harley Davidson's ticker, a clever use of the nickname given to their best-beloved bikes