Friday, February 23, 2007

Why John Jones won't win the US presidential elections.

Who the flick is John Jones? Is he a Democrat? Republican? Republicrat? Democrican? Hold on. Don't get so curious. John Jones is any presidential hopeful with a commonplace surname. My theory is the more exotic your surname, the better your chances of victory. Look at some success stories of yore:

Roosevelt. Fr - President for 12 years.
Roosevelt. T - President for 8 years.
Washington - President for 8 years.
Reagan - President for 8 years.
Eisenhower - President for 8 years.
Clinton - President for 8 years.
Bush Jr. - President for god-knows-how-many-more-years.
Clevland - President for 6 years.
Coolidge - President for 6 years.
Lincoln - President for 4 years.
Van Buren - President for 4 years.
Fillmore - President for 3 years.
Ford - President for 3 years.
Kennedy - President for 2 years.

I am not saying the Jacksons, Johnsons and Harrisons don't have a chance. All I am positing is 'exotic surname -> clutter breaker -> better chances'. Among the current presidential hopefuls Obama & Guiliani are fresh and clear stand-outs. I won't be surprised if either of these two go on to win the race.

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