Sunday, January 21, 2007

Unusual Bank Names

Nancy Friedman's post on TomatoBank piqued me into digging for unboring bank names. This is what I could manage after rummaging wikipedia and google:

The 77 Bank (a Jap bank based in Sendai)
Egg (an Internet bank floated by Prudential)
Alpha Bank & Omega Bank (two banks based in Greece)
Lord Krishna Bank (a Kerala-based bank. incidentally LKB is tamil campus slang for pubic hair.)
Ram Ram Bank (a Lucknow bank that has an interesting cousin in Varanasi. rediff has a nice article on these two banks)
Fifth Third Bank (a Cincinnati-based bank, born out of the merger between The Fifth National Bank and the Third National Bank)
Yes Bank (a private bank in India that presumably never says no for loan requests)
Old Second Bankcorp (a Geneva based bank that sometimes refers to itself as the O2 bank)
Banque Worms (a creepy, crawly name for a Paris-based bank)
Apple Bank (a New York-based bank that chose this name way back in 1983)

Wanna add to this list? Names can be deposited by posting a comment. Your deposit should preferably attract more than a 0% interest!


pyl said...
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pyl said...

Smile (internet bank from UK)

pyl said...

1822direkt (Germany)
Cashbox (Germany)
Great Pee Dee Bancorp, Inc. (USA)
Bank & Trust Company (USA)
Most Bank (St. Petersburg)

Andres Solar said...

Espirito Santo Bank-- translation: Holy Spirit Bank (USA, Portugal)

Alayna said...

I hadn't even heard of most of these! Some of them, I have though. A few actually created the most unique local bank marketing campaigns: