Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who owns the iPhone domain name? was first created on 24-Aug-95. It belongs to the Internet Phone Company based in Santa Rosa, California. Source: GoDaddy. was first created on 28-Jan-98. It belongs to Cisco Technology. Source: Network Solutions. was first created on 16-Dec-99. It belongs to Apple Computers. Source: Network Solutions. was first created on 23-Mar-05. It belongs to PARAVA NETWORKS, INC. Source: Network Solutions. is for sale. It belongs to Sadasiva Ulaka of Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. Source: Network Solutions. was created on 02-Apr-04. It belongs to A. Trachtman of GeeX Inc. Source: Network Solutions.

Clearly Apple is on a weak wicket. BTW, and have also been booked :-)


Anonymous said...

Smart way to make a quick buck would be to book any url with I as a prefix. :) may be someday apple may want to buy the domain from you.

anantha said...

Most inames have been booked. Even ithis, ithat and ineedsomemoney are gone. ineedabilliondollars is however available.